How To Fix Your Smoking Sessions

How To Fix Your Smoking Sessions


There are a few common problems that occur during a smoking session that involve the bowl and the hose port and hose. Let us start with the different bowl issues that may come up if you are not careful. A frequent error is packing the bowl wrong, either too densely (which is a major issue for newbies) or too sparsely. It needs to be packed just right, lightly and evenly, making sure all the correct holes are free of tobacco to allow for proper airflow. The foil covering is another problem that can arise, the secret is poking an adequate number of holes, typically in a circular-spiral pattern. It is also important to heat your coals properly. A correctly heated lump of coal has no black whatsoever, flip the coals one by one if necessary to heat all sides before using. The hose must be checked for any leaks by pulling as if you were in the middle of a session but with the hose removed. Cover the other end with a finger or two. If there are no leaks, you should not be able to draw any air. However, if you do draw air, then it is time to look for the leak if you wish to repair it or just buy a new hose.

Another trick is checking your water level. If you are inexperienced in the ways of Hookah, it is wise to test out various levels before deciding which is yours. Though the water level is a personal preference, the general suggestion is that it should be an inch above the bottom of your stem. If you don’t have enough water, you will get unfiltered hookah smoke and no one will enjoy that. Most flaws can be and are fixed through practice and use so don’t give up too quickly.

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