Starbuzz Serpent

Serpent Tobacco Overview


Serpent Tobacco Overview

Another dark blend has hit the market by the popular Starbuzz and it comes marketed as Serpent tobacco. It is a dark blend based more on molasses and flavor enhancers. In other words this variety gives less of a tobacco hint and relies more on the actual flavor being advertised. Available in 100 or 200 gram packets, Starbuzz Serpent delivers air-tight packaging to keep your tobacco fresh until ready for use. The 200 gram packets conveniently come divided into two packets of 100 grams, which is great if you wish to save the rest for later. Each package is wonderfully decorated with unique art that compliments the special titles that represent flavor.

Serpent exhibits a moist cut with less stem than the Vintage type. It boasts of 17 flavors that are rich and strong so make sure to get the flavoring you know or think you will enjoy. Some of the best sold flavors include: Kings Tea, Crimson Fox, Gee Spot, Mad Dog, Shishi, and Sting Mint. Serpent tobacco may be packed as recommended by Starbuzz (semi dense and with a phunnel bowl) but try your own method if you prefer to enhance your smoking session. Strabuzz Serpent also focuses more on flavor duration and smoke density, making it an excellent option for a pleasant session.

The tobacco tones are less so the buzz is a bit less as well but the smoke is enjoyable and delicious. Also, it is a product made in the United States of America; quality and freshness is guaranteed.

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