Storing Hookah Tobacco and Charcoal the Right Way

Storing Hookah Tobacco and Charcoal the Right Way


Those who smoke Hookah regularly develop a personal preference over time. It can be a specific brand, cut, flavor or something else. Trial is the best way to the ideal hookah bowls and HMDs that work for you. After the fundamental part of the Hookah set up is done, you need to come up with the best flavors to pack into your hookah bowl. What if you have opened up multiple shisha cans to discover your favorite blend recipe? Would you leave those pouches opened in their respective cans or will you artfully collect and organize them according to their flavor profiles? Now, it is time to light up your Hookah. Have you ever wondered which is the ideal storing method of your coals? How are you using them right? Did you open the coal box and pick from the top? Are they lying carelessly in your hookah drawer?

So long, you have overlooked your shisha and hookah coals. Not storing them has reduced their quality and life. Over time, the shishas lose their luscious flavors, and the coals are not lighting up well. Forget what you have been doing till now. Today, we are sharing the most appropriately correct way to store your hookah tobacco and charcoal. Let's get it started.

Hookah Tobacco

Seal Your Hookah Tobacco Properly

Keeping the shisha in the manufacturer's package isn't wrong as long as you close the container tightly. This storing method is applicable when you have the shisha in a smaller quantity, or you smoke very often. However, these little containers don't seal well for an extended period, and it often gets chaotic.

Hence, it is best to use bags or boxes that you can reseal. It will keep the shisha fresh for longer. It is better if you have a big container. Having such a set up is going to help you to restock. You can have dedicated boxes for different flavors. Not only will it extend the life of the tobacco but also be easier for you to see which flavor is running low.

Where Should You Keep Your Hookah Tobacco?

The hookah tobacco is made of several natural components, and thus, it needs to be stored properly. Ideally, it would be best if you keep it in a dry location with a neutral temperature, better say in room temperature with low humidity. Never, put it into the refrigerator after opening the package, especially the freezer. Otherwise, it will dry out, and the richness of the flavors will be lost.


Expiration of Hookah Tobacco

It is one of the most common questions we are frequently asked. No, the hookah tobaccos don't expire, but they can degrade too badly and become unworthy for smoking. If properly stored, a shisha can last for around two to three years. You can also refer to the information the manufacturer provides on the package. Like any organic thing, shisha tends to dry out over time and likely to develop fermentation or mold. You can avoid that by keeping it in air-tight containers at room temperature.


Where Should You Keep Your Hookah Charcoal?

They are the least demanding elements when it comes to storage; however, you can do a few things to keep them fresh and easy to ignite.

First and foremost, you want them to be dry. So, keeping the hookah charcoals in a humid space is not a good idea. They tend to soak in the moisture from the air. Neither the garage nor your backyard hookah spot would be ideal for storing your hookah stuff. Make a little effort to put them in a sealable container dedicated for the coals only and keep in a place where they cannot absorb any moisture.


Storing Your Hookah Tobacco and Charcoal

You don't have to rush right now to get a dozen air-tight containers for your shisha collection. Take a few minutes to review everything you have and keep the storage in mind next time you make a bulk of hookah tobacco. If you have kept the shisha in the freezer, take them out. Check the sealing, seal the packs, organize the smaller bags in a container. This way, you store them without getting multiple containers at the moment. Please put them in a dry cabinet with less humidity.

Remember, to shower some love on your hookah coals as well and keep them dry. As you care to clean your hookah stem, hose, don't forget to safely keep your hookah shisha and coals as well.

That would be all for storing your hookah tobacco and charcoals the right way. Hope, you find it interesting and helpful. Until the next blog, enjoy some shisha!

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