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When it comes to picking your charcoal for hookah, make sure you understand the ins and outs of the charcoal you are going with. We have all kinds of charcoal to choose from including natural coconut charcoal as well as quick light charcoal. Based on your needs, you may opt in for natural coconut charcoal if you want to enjoy a smoother smoking session. Or if you'd like to start your smoking session as quick as possible, you can go for quick light charcoal which burns in fraction of the time. Which ever type of charcoal you go with, rest assured that the hookah charcoal collection below is amongst the best in the hookah industry.

A hookah set is incomplete without red hot hookah charcoal. Hookah Charcoal acts as a constant source of heat that cooks the flavored shisha and produces dense flavorsome smoke. Now, you don’t have to toggle between different online hookah stores. Check out the most extensive collection of premium hookah charcoals under one roof, right here on Zahrah.

Hookah Charcoal: Popular Kinds

Hookah Charcoal can be broadly divided into two, Quick Lights and Natural Coconut Charcoals. Whether you pick Quick Lights or Natural Coconut Charcoals, they have their ins and outs. 

Quick Lights Hookah Charcoal

Quick Lights, also recognized as instant lightning or fast lightning, are generally foil-wrapped rolls of hookah charcoal. They are infused with a synthetic accelerant that can be ignited using a regular lighter. They flash and start burning instantly. They will ready your hookah within 60 seconds, Quick Light Hookah Charcoals come in many sizes among which small and large are very popular. They allow the smokers room for diverse longevity and heat level. Though they ignite instantly, they have certain limitations in the context of burn time. Depending on the brand, the Quick Light Hookah Charcoal will offer different smoke durations.

Natural Coconut Hookah Charcoal

Prepared with compressed coconut shells, Natural Coconut Charcoals are the most popular source of heat for your shisha. Unlike Quick Light Hookah Charcoal, Natural Hookah Coals take time to ignite but once heated evenly, they can last long. Depending on the Hookah Charcoal brand, these coals come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Henceforth, they offer varied burn times. However, they offer an extended burn time than the Quick Lights. According to your requirements and \preferences, you can have them in different shapes like cubes, flats, circles, squares, and many more.

If you are a fan of using a Heat Management Device or HMD, then don’t forget to check out the exclusive HMD Hookah Charcoals that are specially designed to fit into your HMD. 

Here, you will find all kinds of hookah charcoal of different sizes and styles that will cater to your needs perfectly. 

Different Shapes of Hookah Charcoals and Their Boons

The shisha market is flooded with a myriad of unique hookah sets and hookah products featuring endless styles, designs, and features. There is no single shape or size that would fit all kinds of bowls and HMDs. Henceforth, the Hookah Charcoals have been customized into different shapes and sizes that would cater to your unique requirements. Here is a quick glimpse of the popular Hookah Charcoal Shapes available.

Cubes. They are very popular among smokers and feature six equal sides resembling a dice. When it comes to burning, they are excellent and super-stable.

Flats. It is much like the cubes, but with a flat base like a flat block. They go best with foil-wrapped bowls. 

Cubettes. A fusion of flats and cubes, Cubette is a variation of dice coals but with the blemishes of flats.

Disc/Circles. It is round or disc shaped, which is very common in Quick Lights as well as Natural coals.

Sticks. Cylindrical-shaped hookah charcoals that appear much like fingers. They make the best fit with the phunnel bowls.

Hexagon. Hexs or Hexagons are a hybrid version of sticks, made from coconut shells with the boons of sticks but steadier.

Cuboid. It is a rectangular version of sticks, but steadier for having a flatter surface. Even Quick Lights also come in this shape.

Quad-Cuts and Tri-Cuts. It is the latest shape introduced keeping the HMD users in focus. When disc-shaped charcoal is cut into four or three equal parts, you get Quarter Circle or Tri-cut Charcoals.

Top Hookah Charcoal Brands at Zahrah

At Zahrah, we understand the importance of high-quality hookah charcoal. Unsurprisingly, smokers are always on a quest for good hookah coals that would suit their purpose and give an awesome smoke experience. We got a gigantic collection of different styles of hookah charcoals from renowned companies like Starbuzz, Overdozz, Zahrah, CocoUrth, Titanium, Superior Coco, Golden Desert, Three Kings, Crown, Fumari Fuoco, Carbopol, Coco Mazaya, Al Siraj, Black Diamond, Cocous, Ring, Coco Ultimate, Charco Flare, CocoNara, Kaloud Aura, and more.

For more details on individual hookah charcoal styles and products, take a few minutes to go through our entire inventory. You would surely be having a hard time picking the best. We got multiple top-notch options available for each variant of coals.

Get your favorite hookah charcoal at an exclusively low price and give your smoke session a kickstart. Believe it or not, you will get the best deals on your favorite hookahs and hookah accessories.   

Why Should You Buy Hookah Charcoal Here?

Zahrah is one of the leading and most popular hookah stores that offers you an extensive collection of premium hookah gears. Here, you will find everything that you need to get started and even upgrade your sessions. We believe in offering you an outstanding smoking experience but also a shopping experience. To ensure that we got the best support team readily available round the clock to assist you. We have developed a highly knitted network across the country, facilitating expedited shipping anywhere in the US. Also, we often conduct sales and discount offers for our esteemed existing customers. 

Lastly, you can get your shipment delivered for free when you shop for $135or more. 

Get Exclusive Wholesale Deals

Whether you want all the branded Hookah Charcoals for your smoke shop or hookah lounge, or just want to stock up, we got you sorted. No matter what the purpose is, if you are looking for good deals on those premium-quality charcoal, Zahrah commits to offer you the best and lowest wholesale price that no one in the market could match. To explore our best Wholesale hookah charcoal prices, log into your Zahrah Wholesale Account, choose the products in the desired quantity. Besides charcoal, we are also having a huge range of hookahs, hookah tobacco, and other hookah accessories available at exclusive wholesale rates.

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