Top 10 Starbuzz Flavors You Can’t Afford to Miss

Top 10 Starbuzz Flavors You Can’t Afford to Miss


Since our inception in 2005, Starbuzz Tobacco is on a mission to provide you with an exceptional hookah smoking experience which is nothing less than heavenly. Our prime focus is to create premium tobaccos that will satiate your taste buds like none other. Starbuzz Tobacco is all about blending age-longstanding traditions with innovative flair to craft delectable flavors that are actively tested before presenting them to you. It makes us incredibly excited to behold the constant love that you have showered on all our creations. Today, we are going to present you the top 10 Starbuzz Flavors that you chose and loved the most. They are our most popular and best-selling Starbuzz hookah tobacco:

Starbuzz Exotic Blue Mist

It is probably the most popular shisha flavor in the world. Starbuzz Exotic Blue Mist hookah tobacco features the refreshing sweetness of your favorite blueberries along with a lovely cooling effect. Please don’t mistake it with mint, because there is no mint or spearmint in it. It is more of the chillness of icy water. The fusion of sweet blueberries and the misty, cooling effect will leave you refreshed and revitalized.

Starbuzz Exotic Blue Surfer

Gear up to surf through the waves of flavors of some lovely, juicy tropical fruits like blueberry, grapes and pineapple. It is hard to miss out how all the flavors are churned together with a delicate touch of mint. The fruity fusion is going to keep you fresh and relaxed in those scorching summer days.

Starbuzz Exotic Code 69

Starbuzz Code 69 features a crisp fruit punch featuring passion fruit with a slight hint of tart citrus. The refined taste of this blend will make you ask for more. For many years, Starbuzz Exotic Code 69 is one of your best-selling tobacco.

Starbuzz Exotic Geisha

Prepare to get tantalized but the exotic flavors of Starbuzz Exotic Geisha inspired by the ancient geishas of Japan. It features the delicate, juicy flavors of luscious peaches, with a mesmerizing hint of ‘misty’ mint, Melon and some other tempting fruits.

Starbuzz Exotic Melon Blue

You can call it a mash-up some of our popular shishas, creating a unique new blend that will win you in no time. Besides the misty blue flavors of Starbuzz Blue Mist, it got a subtle mellow taste of Melon and a slight hint of white grapes in there. The Melon in it is delicate and taste nothing like the honeydew or green melons that you generally have. Starbuzz Exotic Melon Blue is an exclusive shisha that deserves being in your collection.

Starbuzz Exotic Mighty Freeze

Immerse yourself in the luxurious flavors of Starbuzz Mighty Freeze which is loaded with the tartness of tons of lemon and icy chill spearmint. The traces of lemon-drop candies merge in perfectly with the menthol coolness giving you a refreshing explosion of icy fruit flavor.

Starbuzz Exotic Passion Fruit

A very recent addition to our Exotic line of tobacco is Starbuzz Passion Fruit which will impress you and your friend in a single drag. If you love sweet-sour blends, then you should order this shisha right away. Experience the sweet fruity flavors of Passion fruit that with a tart sensation perfected with a hidden note of citrus with Starbuzz Exotic Passion Fruit Hookah tobacco. 

Starbuzz Exotic Pirate’s Cave

If you have a thing tangy lemons and limes, then Starbuzz Exotic Pirate’s Cave is going to be perfect for your particular cravings. It is a striking fusion of lemon and lime. Nothing is more refreshing than a bowl of Starbuzz Exotic Pirate’s Cave after an exhausting day.

Starbuzz Exotic Sex on the Beach

It is time to relish your favorite drink but with a twist – we suggest you smoke it. Like the namesake drink, Starbuzz Exotic Sex on the Beach tobacco is a combination of orange, lemons and other citrus fruits that will add a vibrant sensation to your taste buds. 

Starbuzz Exotic Wild Mint

Finally, we have the sweet, crisp and very refreshing Starbuzz Exotic Wild Mint for you. Whether you have it as a standalone or in mixes, the tobacco will taste incredible. The tobacco is packed with amazing minty flavor that will remind you of sweet candy. It doesn’t have the harsh mint flavor but the sweetness of peppermint. For this reason, it can smoothly go with a variety of floral and fruity notes.
Have you tried them all? If no, then better try them now. These top 10 Starbuzz flavors will add the missing spark to your hookah sessions.

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