Being an expert Hookah smoker goes beyond mixing tobacco and knowing each part of a Hookah, though that does help. A real pro knows what to do but also what not to do! And here are the top 7 mistakes hookah smokers tend to fall into, letting the whole world know that they have yet to reach pro status.
Smoking too much, too fast. Try not to go for the buzz too quickly. Every person has a different sensitivity to nicotine levels and knowing your limit is an important step. Overdoing it on the hookah will lead to light-headedness, nausea, and a general feeling of being unwell.

Not passing the hose. This should be common sense but may need a friendly reminder to pass the hose and not just smoke! The talk may be the most amazing but your friends want to enjoy smoking as well so pass it along in a proper amount of time.

Do not smoke and drive. The rule applies for many things (being on your phone and driving, drinking and driving) and smoking is no exception. Driving is a dangerous activity and it should be done so calmly, with no distractions, for your safety and the safety of others.

Do not put a Kaloud Lotus in the oven. It happens more times than you think by the way but so you know, a Kaloud Lotus should never be preheated in the oven. Preheating it will only ruin it and also void any guarantees you may have had.
Have enough hookah coals. It is not only having enough hookah coals but having quality ones that count! There are no substitutes for coals, don’t even try it please, just go buy a batch and have a proper smoke. Also, buy quality coals that will burn evenly and lead to a more pleasurable smoking session.

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