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Shop for the Hoob Hookah of your Choice at Zahrah

Hoob is one of the revolutionary hookahs ever made having minimalistic design and non-standard hookah forms. The design of this hookah is truly unique and is made up of quality materials to emphasize the modern look and provide a maximum service life. The main motive behind the designing of the Hoob hookah was to combine traditional authentic materials to come out with the hookah of the new era. Hoob hookah is highly durable and safe, as it is made up of authentic materials such as stainless steel and copper. Besides these hookahs do not have any paint or chemical coatings that on heating can cause harm to human health. Hoob hookah is manufactured by giving attention to every detail and using the latest technology that makes these hookahs simply the best in the market. If you love enjoying hookah sessions with your near and dear ones then you can shop for your favorite Hoob hookah at Zahrah.

About Hoob Hookah

Hoob is not just an ordinary hookah manufacturer but a team of professional engineers, designers, markets, as well as hookah masters who keep up with the latest trend of the hookah industry market to provide smokers with something unique and different. Hoob hookah is a patent-pending product made in the Russian Federation with the highest quality materials available. The manufacturing technology employs in the making of this hookah is the same that is typically reserved for the aerospace and medical industry. Designed and produced in Russia, Hoob hookah came into existence in 2013 and within a short time gained worldwide popularity. The Hoob hookah is not only available in the U.S but also Germany, Switzerland, France, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, and also some other countries.

Distinguish Features of Hoob Hookah

Hoob hookah, available in a variety of designs and made of different quality materials, is sure to give you the best hookah experience you have ever had. The portable and durable Hoob hookahs have a safe and durable coating and are the perfect choice if you are keenly interested in hookah art & culture and want to be unique. Some of the standout features of the Hoob hookah include:

  • No use of plastic
  • Optionally adjustable airflow
  • Made up of materials that are safe for health
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Minimalistic design
  • Perfect finishing
  • Magnetic hose port
  • Extraordinary designs and functionality
  • Designs of hookah can be customized
  • Perfect for both domestic and commercial use


Modern Design Futuristic Hookahs

Hoob is an extraordinary hookah series having unique and engineering precision design and functionality. This hookah was developed for easy-to-use everyday pleasure and allows you have a perfect shisha experience with exclusive Hoob Hookah. Among all hookah models available on the market, Hoob hookahs have minimalist designs and are known for their unmatched quality. Professionalism is reflected in every detail of the hookah and effort is made to emphasize the exclusivity of the Hoob hookah and highlight them on the market filled with low-quality products. Hookah enthusiasts are sure to have an unmatched smoking experience with the expertly crafted hookahs.

Zahrah Brings Exclusive Range of Hoob Hookahs

We at bring to you the finest quality and supreme series of Hoob hookahs made up of premium materials to provide you with the best hookah experience. Our online store is a one-stop destination for authentic design Hoob hookahs that are crafted to the smallest details. Hoob hookah designs are a mix of traditional round forms and are precision made with a modern 3D drawing. This hookah combines the best features of classic hookahs as well as the features of hi-tech modern hookahs. With the adjustable diffusor and perfect airflow and purging system, Hoob is sure to take your hookah experience to a new level of pleasure and comfort. Every hookah offered in our store passes through stringent quality checks to ensure that only the best hookah reaches our customers. 



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