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The Zahrah Genie Mini Hookah is a small table top hookah for those people on the go that wants to take their hookah with them to a friend's house or when they travel.

The Zahrah Genie Mini Hookah offers:

  • Aerospace 6061 aluminum for best durability.
  • High quality stainless steel downstem for easy cleaning.
  • Anodized stem to prevent paint from scratching and peeling.
  • Unique chamber design for smoother draw.
  • Smooth purge valve for better smoke release.
  • Included a stainless steel diffuser for quiet experience.


  • Height: Total 15" (stem+base)
  • Hose Support: 1

In the Box:

  • Hookah Stem
  • 6" Aluminum Tray
  • Base rubber rings
  • Premium Mini Base
  • Zahrah Aluminum Silicone Hose
  • Zahrah Clay Bowl

If you are looking for a high quality durable hookah for online delivery, look no further. The Zahrah Genie Mini Hookah is the perfect hookah for beginners and experts alike. Whether you are looking to smoke hookah by yourself or share your hookah smoking experience with your friends. At Zahrah USA we have a wide selection of Hookahs and Hookah Accessories for all your Hookah smoking needs.

The Zahrah Genie Mini Hookah Set is popular among our selection of portable hookahs. It is a compact hookah that can be easily assembled and is one of the most stylish and durable hookahs on the market. This compact size hookah makes it portable and easy to travel with. You will be able to take your hookah with you everywhere you go. This stylish hookah comes in a variation of colors. The Zahrah Genie Mini Hookah is available in green, black, lake blue, red, silver, and gold. 

Zahrah’s Genie Mini Hookah Set is built using aerospace 6061 grade aluminum and high quality stainless steel. This is the same aluminum used in the construction of aircraft. This material is known for its strength and high heat conductivity. The hookah stem is made from stainless steel which looks stylish and allows for easy cleaning. The hookah smoke chamber is uniquely designed to allow you to smoothly draw smoke through your hookah hose. The hookah purge valve is designed to smoothly release smoke from inside the hookah. The Zahrah Genie Mini Hookah stands at a height of 15 inches, which includes the hookah stem and hookah base height combined. 

Zahrah’s Genie Mini Hookah Set also comes with a 6 inch Hookah Aluminum Tray, Hookah Base Rubber Rings, and a premium Hookah Glass Mini Base. Last but not least it also contains a hookah hose and a Zahrah Clay Bowl, which gives it a unique combination of modern and oriental look.

If you are in the market to buy a complete hookah set, visit our online store and check out our wide range of Hookah Sets available for online delivery. Our Zahrah Hookah Sets include a variety of hookah sets for all preferences. Our hookah sets include the Zahrah Spade Junior Hookah Set, the Zahrah Spade 2 Hookah Set, the Zahrah Ringer Hookah Set, the Zahrah Spade Mini Set, the Zahrah Genie Mini Stainless Steel Hookah Set, the Zahrah Genie Junior Hookah Set, and much more.

We also have many models for our Zahrah All Glass Hookahs such as the Zahrah Z11 Hookah, the Zahrah Z2 Hookah, the Zahrah Z5 Hookah, and our popular Zahrah All Glass Lounge Hookah.

Our store also includes Hookahs from the best hookah brands such as Amy Deluxe Hookahs, Hoob Hookah, Hookah John Hookah, Mexanika Hookah, Na Grani, Regal Hookahs, Union Hookahs, Starbuzz Hookah, Steamulation Hookah, Vyro Hookahs, and Wookah Hookahs.

You can also browse through a diverse selection of Shisha Flavors for your Hookah. We carry an impressive collection of tastes and aromatic shisha flavors from the top shisha tobacco manufacturers such as Fumari, Nirvana, Nakhla, Overdozz, Starbuzz, Chaos Tobacco, Mazaya Shisha  and much more. You can check out our Top 25 Shisha Flavors at Zahrah USA.

We also offer many hookah accessories to complement your hookah purchase. We have Hookah Charcoal, Hookah Coal Burners, Hookah Heat Management Devices, Hookah Foil, Disposable Hookah Mouth Tips, and many Unique Hookah Accessories. We also sell Hookah Replacement Parts like Hookah Trays, Hookah Hoses, Hookah Bowls, and Hookah Bases.

If you are shopping online for a Hookah or Hookah Accessories at Zahrah USA we offer worldwide shipping on all our products. Our Hookah store and warehouse is located in California at 10545 Dale Ave, Stanton, CA 90680. Our team is ready to help you choose the right Hookah for you. We know our customers have various styles and expectations and that is why we offer a wide selection of classic and modern Hookahs. If you are a hookah beginner or if you consider yourself a hookah expert our staff will help you find the perfect hookah to enjoy an ideal hookah smoking experience.

Brand Hong Quat Packging

Kg 54g

Calo 36 Calo



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