Top 5 Al Fakher Tobacco Flavors

Top 5 Al Fakher Tobacco Flavors


Al Fakher Tobacco Flavors

Al Fakher is an excellent tobacco brand, to be honest, it's a hard-working man's tobacco brand. A perfect brand to learn and master the art of preparing a hookah, getting the basics right. There is no complex flavor mixes or nicotine hit in it, but that doesn't make it a mediocre tobacco brand. It got unique and tasty flavors. No more talk, let's jump right into our top five Al Fakher flavors:

Al Fakher Golden Eskandarani

It got a sweet and sour green apple flavor with a lovely rosy floral note reminding you of the feelings you get from the skin of green apples. The well-balanced tobacco flavor is probably the best and most delicious apple flavor available in the market. If you are into apple flavors, then this is a must-have for you.

Al Fakher Gum Mastic

It is time to taste something strange; Al Fakher has brought in the traditional chewing gum in its tobacco. It's the sticky tree resin that was used a chewing gum earlier with a piney, cider-like flavor. You get to taste all that along with a sweet minty note ins this blend. It may sound weird, but it's damn tasty, relaxing and interestingly unique.

Al Fakher Golden Rose

It is a wonderful floral, rose to be specific flavor with a tinge of lemonade to it. The bright rosy flavor is strong but not soapy, but what makes it more amazing is the citrusy note. Hookah fanatics who have a soft corner for rose flavors should and must try Golden Rose from Al Fakher. It got the most authentic flavors of roses – if you don't believe, try eating a rose petal and see for yourself.

Al Fakher Mint

Al Fakher Mint is so far the best mint flavored tobacco available in the market that is perfect for mixing. It got outstanding cooling effects – you can mix it with other flavors as well as enjoy it as a standalone tobacco flavor. It falls a little on the sweet side but not candy-like taste. In fact, it got the most realistic and chilling flavor which is what mint does. Definitely, worth trying!

Al Fakher Cardamom

Not everyone will like it, but some might find extraordinary. It got a strong cardamom flavor with a peppery note. It is a mix of spices, but honestly, it feels like you are tasting the cardamom pods. No matter what, if you are feeling stifling, you might find it pretty relaxing. Smoking Al Fakher Cardamom may clear off your sinus as well. Try it along with some Al Fakher Mint; it's impressive.

Al Fakher has some more flavors like golden grapes, vanilla but these five flavors stand out from the rest. Why don't you try packing your next hookah with one of these and tell us how you like it?

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