Categorizing Hookah Flavors

Categorizing Hookah Flavors


Can you categorize the hundreds of hookah tobacco flavors available in the market? I think we can and that is what I am setting out to do. The exceptions will always exist, to everything apparently. Anyway, there are four basic categories of flavors: minty, floral/spices, rich, and fruity. You can now easily see where you fall depending on the type of flavors you tend to smoke more of.

Fruity: Let’s start with the fruity flavor. As the name itself shows, this is where all those famous fruit flavors fall, including double apple, watermelon, and strawberry. This means you enjoy more of a fruity or sweet taste to your shisha. Fruity flavored shisha tends to be combined with minty flavors to produce a fresh twist. It is admittedly, a very popular category for most hookah users.

Rich: Welcome to the dessert category. These are immensely sweet, fill your throat type of sweet that seems like it is slowly gliding down. These flavors include cake, caramel, tiramisu, and more. It is a category that has less flavors available but can be used for those with a sweet tooth.

Floral/spices: This category is popular as well and include all things floral and spices, such as Rose, cinnamon, anise, and chai. It is a very perfumed type of shisha, where you can basically taste it as you smell it. It tends to suit those with a refined palate but are great for combination as well. You may be surprised about what you can find this part of the flavor realm.

Minty: These flavors tend to have a cooling effect on you and include the very popular mint flavor. This category is special because it can be smoked on its own for an awesome effect or mixed to create those perfect combinations that are widely loved. Without this category, we will be missing out. Spearmint, peppermint, menthol are just a few more examples of what you can find.

The important thing is to try them all out: explore and take the risk. You never know when and where you stumble upon your favorite flavor.

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