What is the difference between narguile and hookah?

What is the difference between narguile and hookah?


To put it simply, there is no difference between narguile and hookah. The hookah, as it is modernly known, was once referred to as narguile. The narguile was born in Persia and goes by many other names as well, depending on the region of the inhabitants. Common names used in place of hookah also include Ghelyan and shisha.

The word hookah is from the Indian word houka. The term narguile meant coconut in old Persia. Coconut shells were actually used as hookah vases. Hookah has been part of many cultures, and in the 16th century, it arrived in the Ottoman Empire. From then on, different types of narguile were created, leading to a very high use in the 17th century.

Currently, you can find ceramic, glass and even wooden hookahs. With the arrival of cigarettes in the World War II, the use of hookah fell considerably but made a comeback in the 1990s.

Some tips to remember about smoking hookah: inhale gently, keep the hookah on the floor or table, and use your own personal mouthpiece. It is also safe to say that most enjoy a relaxing session so keep music to a minimum, and excessive talking as well. In the end, it all bubbles down to personal preference.

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