Things you do if you’re a hookah expert

Things you do if you’re a hookah expert


There are many who consider themselves hookah experts because they own one or two, have tasted all kinds of shisha, and display accessories or propaganda in public areas. What makes someone a hookah expert? Well here are a few things that all hookah users who consider themselves professionals should do. Find out how many you apply to see where you fall: beginner, intermediate, or expert.

  • You clean your hookah daily - everyone knows that cleaning your hookah out daily or even after each session allows for better tasting smoke and keeps flavoring blending tendencies away. It is important, if a bit time consuming depending on the hookah, task for optimal performance.
  • You or others think of you as a shisha chef - this means that you are not afraid to explore and combine different flavored shishas, and thereby creating custom mixes that friends want to have at constantly. You are so proud of your combination that you even create a unique name for them. If you have done this regularly, then you are a mix master and are more of an expert than you think.
  • Expert hookah users only use natural coals - quick light coals should only be used for camping trips or emergency situations. Hookah experts know that natural coals are the way to go and have plenty stored away. They also have a no-fail heat management strategy; no burned shisha with a hookah expert.
  • You may believe acclimating shisha is useful - though more of a personal preference, you don’t want to take a risk and acclimate your shisha before using. If you don’t know what acclimate means, then don’t bother even looking it up.
  • You have multiple hoses - you know that flavor ghosting is possible, no matter how clean you leave your hose so you have multiple hoses (doesn’t matter if they are on the cheaper end) to use for specific flavors that are vulnerable to ghosting or leaving strong residues.
  • You have individual containers for shisha, all adequately labeled - hookah experts know that shisha must remain sealed air-tight to prevent loss of flavor and quality, so you might find a specific area with individual containers labeled for easy pickings.
  • You have unique hole poking pattern- you have been smoking for so long that you have found the perfect combination of holes, that special pattern, that produces the most cloud and delivers excellent smoking sessions.
  • You may have a hands-free smoking stand - sometimes you want to smoke while playing video games or doing some other chore so you have a hands-free smoking stand just for the occasion that you probably designed on your own as well. Congratulations, you hookah expert.

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