Different Methods of Packing a Hookah Bowl

Different Methods of Packing a Hookah Bowl


There are a variety of ways to pack a Hookah bowl but all have essential and standard guidelines that will guarantee a smooth and even smoke. One of this is packing evenly, but not tightly. Another guideline is knowing which type of bowl to use for the kind of shisha you plan on smoking. Having fresh, quality shisha available is also necessary for the best smoke. I will list a few methods you can use, but beforehand, you should be aware that a clean and dry Hookah is the most important factor. Wash your hookah with water and brush it from the inside, then leave it out to dry. You can then assemble the Hookah and add water or a mixture of water and ice for a cooling effect.

First packing method: You can choose to overload your Hookah bowl with shisha for a stronger, more bitter taste. This is only to be used for heat resistant shisha that does not burn too quickly though. As always, evenly distribute and then cover with foil with many holes and you are done.


Second packing method: This is the normal way of packing a Hookah bowl. You lightly pack the ingredients after pulling the shisha apart slightly. Put the tobacco in gently and fill to almost capacity, but never pushing down on the shisha to avoid packing tightly.

Third packing method: Pack your hookah bowl and then starting from the middle, using your index finger and thumb, squeeze the flavor towards the sides of the bowl, while rotating it at the same time. The sides will begin to be lightly compacting together. Keep the middle hole clear of shisha (or whichever hole(s) your particular bowl has) and you are set.
Hope you enjoy learning the different methods of packing shisha! Make sure to try all three so you can decide on your favorite and begin a new smoking adventure.

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