Different methods of packing a hookah bowl

Different methods of packing a hookah bowl


Be this your first time packing a hookah bowl or if you consider yourself a knowledgeable person in the area, there is always something new to learn. Before attempting any of the following methods that will be mentioned below, it is important to have a clean and dried hookah ready to use! A dirty hookah will mess up the whole process so once that is done, continue with any of the following.

Method 1: overloading
Be mindful that overloading and overpacking are not the same thing! You do not want to densely pack the shisha, this means you should avoid patting the shisha down. Overloading means just gently and evenly packing till the brim of the bowl and then covering it up with foil. Add the holes to the foil in a spiral or circular way and you are set. This method requires shisha tobacco with a high heat threshold or else it will burn!

Method 2: mundane way
This step involves the normal way of packing. This means that you evenly and gently pack the shisha until just below the rim of the bowl. You can very lightly pack it down if you wish but it is best not to. Tear your shisha apart with your hand before filling your bowl for a better and more even packing, it also allows for the juices to coat the tobacco well. Cover with foil and punch the holes as you see fit. It is best to get plenty of holes in there to allow for proper airflow.

Method 3: funnel pack
This method requires that a mundane packing, followed with a spiral movement to squish the flavors to the side of the bowl using your index and middle finger. As you spin, put any shisha that gets separated back on the sides of the bowl. The middle of the bowl should be left opened and free, most of the shisha will be plastered to the side of the bowl. This makes for a juicier shisha and a new way of smoking. As you squeeze, you should also rotate the bowl. Cover with foil, poke the holes and you are ready! You can choose to add holes everywhere or just on the sides, leaving the middle hole-free.

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