Kaloud Samsaris Bowl How-To Guide

Kaloud Samsaris Bowl How-To Guide


With the popularity of Kaloud Lotus rising, the Kaloud Samsaris bowl has become a trendy hookah product since 2015. The bowl itself is either a love or hate relationship, but whichever may be the case, it comes with a list of do’s and don’ts that should be learned. Here’s a quick list of tips and tricks that will have you enjoying your Kaloud Samsaris bowl effortlessly and smoothly.

Packing the Kaloud Samsaris Bowl
The bowl will hold around 15-20 grams of shisha depending on your packing method and your particular taste. Thanks to the Samsaris’s spiraled form, each chamber can be packed with a different flavor if you want to go the mad scientist route. It also allows for numerous shisha packing techniques that you can experiment with as you go along.

We recommend that you somewhat fill each flavor chamber densely and then sprinkle and pack with shisha afterwards. It should be filled below the inner rim of the bowl, but barely. You want to fill the chambers completely but avoid overpacking. The Kaloud Lotus will then sit inside the outer edge of the bowl, with the shisha lightly touching the bottom of the Lotus.

How many coals to use
Though this may vary slightly, due to the hookah charcoal brand or even the style of smoking, it is highly recommended that you only use 2 coals at a time with your Kaloud set. You can also opt to start with 3 coals until it is heated properly and then take away one. Using 3 or more coals at a time will eventually damage your Samaris bowl so try to avoid overly heating!

How to clean your Samsaris bowl
This is quite simple and probably the easiest of all tricks because it only involves running water through each of the chambers. Afterwards you can wipe dry with a cloth or a paper towel. The material of the bowl will naturally prevent ghosting, however, you can choose to gently wash with a nonharsh soapy water if anything is stuck on it.

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