Top 5 Tangiers Flavors

Fabulous 5 Tangiers Tobacco Flavors that Became Popular in No Time


Tangiers Tobacco is a trending name when we talk about the top hookah tobacco \brands of the market today. They have offered the hookah community around the world some unique blends which are much sensitive to heat. When prepared carefully and the hookah heat is managed well, one can enjoy a burst of amazing flavors that no other brand can offer. Show some kind love and care to these hearty Tangier Tobaccos, and you are good to go. Today, we are going to bring down the most popular Tangiers flavors to the top 5 most famous names, which are:


  • Cane Mint. It is a strong mint flavor that works both as a standalone and a mixer. Not only it is the most popular flavor Tangiers have but also the best shisha of all brands. 
  • Orange Soda. It is sweet and slightly buzzy at the same time, making it the second most popular Tangiers Tobacco flavor. There is a delicate creamy tinge that you can’t miss. It can beat all other orange-flavored tobacco at any time.
  • Horchata. A zesty combination of sweet, heavy cream and spicy cinnamon, this tobacco blend inevitably reminds you of the famous Rice Milk drink from Mexico. Need some more flavor to it? Add in Tangiers Cocoa for the touch of Oreo!
  • It’s Like That One Breakfast Cereal. Believe it or not, but it is the name of a popular Tangiers tobacco flavor. It is a splendid mixture of fruity notes like citrusy lime, lemon, and sweet orange with a beautiful creaminess of vanilla that will remind you of a morning bowl of your favorite cereal.
  • Kashmir Peach. It is a multifaceted fusion of floral and sweet peachy flavors. You can’t get enough of it as your taste buds discover new characters every time. 

Though we wanted to point out the 5 top flavors, there are three more flavors without which this blog would be incomplete. First, it is Marachino Cherry that brings out the real character of cherry. Second, there is Ololiuqui, the tobacco that gives out the flavors of cream soda, and Cuba Lime depending on the heat used for smoking. Lastly, there is Pear Watermelon which is a special edition tobacco flavor of sweet watermelon with the tartness of pears.

So, which one would you like to try next?

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