Hookah Bowls: Clay vs Porcelain vs Glass

Hookah Bowls: Clay vs Porcelain vs Glass


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What type of bowl is the best among clay, porcelain, and glass? It's a much debated topic and one that needs much explaining. Modern hookahs have come out with unique styles of bowls that fit everyone's needs differently but in order to understand the pros of cons of each type of bowl, let's weigh in the different metrics and find the type you should pick in your next purchase.

Clay is a ceramic material that is molded to take shape of the desired product. In case of a hookah bowl, experts typically make each bowl by hand. To understand the process of how hookah bowls are made, check out our post "The Making of the Zahrah H20 Bowl." Because clay is hardened by applying heat, once the bowl is ready, it can withstand the heat of the hookah charcoal placed above it during a smoke session.

Porcelain bowls are a step above normal clay ceramic bowls due to the tougher and harder materials. The main difference between a clay bowl and porcelain would be the heat tolerance, since porcelain bowls are formed at a much higher temperature at the time of manufacturing, therefore they can withstand more heat for normal use without getting overly hot.

Glass bowls are the latest innovation in the hookah industry, taking the century old tradition that started off with handmade clay bowls into a whole new spectrum of elegant and modern glass bowls.The beauty of these bowls is that they are a pleasure to look at, providing an exquisite experience yet they are durable and made from toughened glass so you don't have to worry about shattering them so easily. In fact, the chances of our glass hookah bowls breaking or shattering are lower than other traditional material out there such as clay or ceramic.

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