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Kaloud Aura Hookah Charcoal Review


Kaloud Aura Hookah Charcoal Review

It is time for another hookah review. This time we are going to review Kaloud Aura Hookah Charcoal that comes from the makers of our favorite Kaloud Lotus. Yeah! It is charcoal that is meant to perfect your Kaloud Lotus sessions. Let's get glowing then.

Aura of Kaloud Aura Hookah Coals

It comes in quantity of 12, 48 and 96 pieces in a beautiful and expensive gold and black package. Guessing its content from the box is impossible. You may feel like it got some gold-plated phone inside. There is a small card inside with inspiring quotes written in gold. That is too exclusive considering it a box of coals. Still, it's lovely.

Kaloud Aura Premium Charcoals

The coals are made using high-quality Indonesian coconut husks. These coals are prepared and cut precisely into half-moon shape that would perfectly fit into a Kaloud Lotus. They are specifically designed to improve your Lotus smoke session. Hence, you may find it too big for any other hookahs. They take 8 to 10 minutes on a hookah coal burner to get wholly lit up which is like any other coals. These coals are intentionally made to be low-heat coals to avoid roasting the shisha – it doesn't go out in the middle of the session. It's constant and pretty incredible with Lotus. If you could get a lid on it, then it gets even better. Less ash-residue, minimal smoke, no odor; Kaloud Aura Premium Charcoals gives an awesome feeling for sure.

Price Factor

No doubt, it is premium hookah charcoals. The 96 pieces pack comes for a price of $23 and gives you 48 Kaloud Lotus sessions. It is double what other coconut charcoal would cost for 48 sessions.

Well, Kaloud Aura isn't meant to provide you with any casual, entertaining smoke session but an exotic indulgence! Kaloud has proved once again; quality and luxury come with a price tag!

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