Mazaya Rose Shisha Overview

Mazaya Rose Shisha Overview


Mazaya Shisha has outdone itself once again with its Rose flavored tobacco-molasses. Mazaya Rose is a classic hookah flavor with great clouds that are pillow-like and smooth. The flavor is mellow, it is a subtle Rose infused shisha which helps prevent it from becoming overbearing. For example, most tobacco companies make their Rose flavored shisha overly sweet or even on the oily side. The trend is to make it seem like if it is a perfume instead of thinking about taste. Mazaya Rose on the other hand has a realistic rose flavor that is enjoyable without being sensorially loaded. It leaves no oil residues in the mouth like typical rose flavors, making it a huge hit amongst those who prefer floral flavors. It is a light, airy rose that balances perfectly its floral note.

Mazaya is an underrated shisha production company that has been around since 2010 though they have been in the cigar business way before expanding their interests into shisha. They utilize premium French tobacco and molasses to produce their shisha flavors. They are becoming increasingly popular because of their high-quality ingredients and for exceeding all international safety and health standards.

The shisha itself is wonderfully balanced in its moisture level with a fine to medium shredded cut. All their tobacco leaves are hand picked and cleaned of all sticks, so you know that you are going to get an excellent product with no stems. The shisha is also homogenous, making the packing process easier since you can skip the need of mixing up your tobacco before placing it in the bowl. Mazaya Rose can be a great introductory shisha into this brand if you are keen on finding the perfect floral flavor, but you can try any of their other flavors to compare quality, taste and smoke.

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