The most popular hookah hoses

The most popular hookah hoses


There are many types of hoses in the hookah market but we will split them into certain categories so you can easily pick what is best for you.

High-quality silicone hoses: If you purchase a silicone hose, it is important to note that it should be comprised of high-quality, medical grade silicone material for best results and a longer life. Silicone hoses resist flavor ghosting and are flexible and much lighter to manipulate and store.



Aluminum Dream Hose: These are typically seen as the best since they are engineered to be. They allow for unrestricted air-flow and makes creating puffy clouds an easy process. Aluminum Dream Hoses tend to be beautiful, with a variety of colors and designs.



Inexpensive hookah hoses: Make sure to buy washable hookah hoses when you are looking in the cheap industry for the environment’s sake. These are typically used for short and/or unplanned hookah sessions. In no way should they be your go-to hookah hose.


Zahrah Egyptian Washable Hose: The Zahrah Egyptian Washable Hose carry the Egyptain styling and will have an exotic appearance to foreigners. They can be washed but the lining will wear down eventually, meaning it is no way a permanent type of hose. They allow for wide open air-flow and are made from traditional materials of bygone days, but they are pretty cool.


Starbuzz Maximus Washable Hookah Hose: Starbuzz Maximus Hose tend to be compatible with all types of hookahs so fit will be of no worries. They are available in multiple colors and will also fit most budgets.

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