Starbuzz Quad Cut and Tri Cut Charcoal: A Perfect Fit for The Kaloud Lotus

Starbuzz Quad Cut and Tri Cut Charcoal: A Perfect Fit for The Kaloud Lotus

Date: is an all-inclusive solution for all your hookah requirements. Today, we are here to make an exciting announcement. As you all know, Starbuzz is a renowned brand with a huge collection of shisha flavors. Apart from amazing shishas, Starbuzz also deals in a range of hookah products including hookah sets, charcoals, and more. Now, they have recently introduced Starbuzz Quad Cut Charcoal and Starbuzz Tri Cut Charcoal which you can purchase from

They are 100% natural and made using the shells of coconut. Apart from all that, these charcoals are meant to fit evenly in your favorite HMDs such as the Kaloud Lotus. Today, we are going to talk about the best features of these coals and why it is the perfect choice for your Kaloud Lotus.

Starbuzz Quad Cut and Tri Cut Charcoals

Hookah Charcoals are available in several sizes and shapes in the market like flats, cubes, jumbo cubes, hexagon charcoals, and many more. All these charcoals go well with a regular hookah bowl but fitting them into your HMD might be tricky and laborsome. Now, we got two more charcoal shapes (or cuts) which make them a hot favorite among HMD users.

As we have seen, many hookah fans often have difficulty while choosing the right charcoal for their HMD. But now you can select the Starbuzz Quad Cut at Tri Cut coals that easily fit into any of your heat management systems including your Kaloud Lotus HMD and provide ample heat to your shisha. 

  • Starbuzz Quad Cut Charcoals.

  • The overall shape of the charcoal is round but cut into four. So, when you put four of the charcoals together it comes to a jumbo circle that would fit the HMD. It provides you a huge amount of heat. You can comfortably opt for three of these for your session based on your needs. 

  • Starbuzz Tri Cut Charcoals

  • If you think that Quad Cut Charcoal is way less for you, then Starbuzz got you the newest Tri Cut Charcoals. The circle coals are cut in a ‘Y’ and make a perfect choice for your HMD. 

    They are precisely cut to silhouette all the major hookah bowls as well as the HMDs. Moreover, they are known to have the least ash content which is only 3%. That means you don’t have to worry about the ash residue and enjoy your smoke better. Starbuzz Charcoals are 100% natural and prepared without using any chemicals. So, you get a clean smoke session without adding any bad odor to your shisha.

    Kaloud Lotus Heat Management Device: Your Ultimate Hookah Accessory

    Since its introduction in 2012, Kaloud has taken the entire hookah community by storm. It is one of the top choices when it comes to heat management devices. Setting up your hookah with this Kaloud Lotus is quick and easy. While you start to set your hookah, put your Starbuzz Quad Cut Charcoal or Starbuzz Tri Cut Charcoal on the hookah coal burner. They are made of coconut shells and hence take a few minutes to ignite. 

    Now, fill up your bowl with your preferred shisha blend. Packing is an art that depends on your personal preference. You can pack it fluffily or densely. Once done, check your coals if there is any dark spot. Accordingly, flip them over so they get heated evenly. You can use any types of hookah bowls may it be clay, glass or ceramic. But make sure you put as much shisha in it, so it barely touches the bottom of the lower Lotus.

    Now, place the lower part of Kaloud Lotus on top of your shisha, then put the burning coals in it using a pair of tongs. Place the lid back on it and close the air vents to capture the heat inside. Allow it a few minutes to heat the tobacco before you take the first pull. You can always adjust the vents to increase or decrease the heat. 

    For maximum heat, you can have four Quad Cut and three Tri Cut Charcoal pieces. To moderate it down, you can always remove a charcoal piece. There are no fixed rules of how you should be enjoying your hookah sessions. Just be aware that more heat will produce dense smoke but that may burn the shisha as well. 

    Starbuzz makes it easy and fuss-free to use your Kaloud Lotus and enjoy an exceptional flavorsome hookah session. And now you can shop these great Starbuzz Quad Cut and Tri Cut Charcoals on! If you still don’t have your Kaloud Lotus, make sure you add them to the cart along with your coals.

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