Hookah Hygiene Tips to Protect Against COVID 19

  • 17 March , 2020
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We know that this particular virus strain is highly contagious and is spreading worldwide and fast! Here is a list of tips that will help diminish ...

How to pack Starbuzz in a Phunnel bowl

  • 09 March , 2020
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It is time to learn how to pack Starbuzz in a Phunnel type hookah bowl. You may think that packing is common sense, but you will be surprised to le...

The culture and history behind hookah

  • 02 March , 2020
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Hookah culture is a group of adults smoking flavored tobacco from a water pipe, socializing and having a good time. Original hookah culture was cre...

Zahrah Premium Glass Bases Overview

  • 24 February , 2020
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A hookah is incomplete without a good base! Zahrah brings you premium hookah bases that will bring charm to your hookah session.Presenting the Zahr...

Blonde leaf vs Dark leaf shisha

  • 17 February , 2020
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If you didn’t know before, you will now! Shisha can be made from blonde leaf tobacco or dark leaf tobacco. Most shisha brands will have two lines o...

The art of mixing flavors

  • 10 February , 2020
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Every hookah enthusiast is guilty of mixing shisha, for better or worse. Don’t feel bad though because mixing is an art and one that takes practice...

What’s a hookah buzz

  • 03 February , 2020
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Let’s make this very clear, smoking from a hookah will lead to no intoxicating effect. That means that hookah shisha does not get you high because ...

Mazaya Rose Shisha Overview

  • 27 January , 2020
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Mazaya Shisha has outdone itself once again with its Rose flavored tobacco-molasses. Mazaya Rose is a classic hookah flavor with great clouds that ...

Starbuzz Nar vs Kaloud Lotus 2

  • 21 January , 2020
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Hookahs come in all shapes and sizes, but so do heat management devices. This comparison review will focus primarily on two heat management devices...

The Top 5 Flavors from Ugly Hookah Tobacco

  • 14 January , 2020
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Ugly Hookah packs a punch and is not normally recommended for beginners due to its high buzz, but moderately to highly experienced smokers will lov...



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