Thunder Hookah Hose

Thunder Hookah Hose Review and Model Comparison!


This week, we are going for another review. This time it is not a coal or tobacco flavor but a hose review. Today, we are studying Thunder hose and also comparing its different models. Without any more introduction, let's start with our Thunder Hookah Hose review.

You may find it similar to a Starbuzz Washable Hose with same features, material, and usability. However, Thunder hose got more improved features. A Starbuzz washable hose is pretty malleable, but after some months it tends to get crack especially in group smoking sessions. In this context, Thunder hose is way better than it. It would continuously function for a pretty long time without getting any quality issue.

It is made in Brazil using durable vinyl with an excellent rubbery finish to it. It is 82 feet long. It got super-flexibility and bends better than any other hoses. It has an opening perfect for drawing in. Neither it is not too big spoiling the flavors, nor too small to restrict forming large smoke clouds. In one word, it is 'PERFECT.' 100% washable with some beautiful color schemes like red, white, green, pink and so on.

Thunder Hookah has a few hose series:

  • Thunder Dark Hose. Nice vinyl-made body and handle. It can be regarded as the base model.
  • Thunder Clear Hose. Quality-wise, it is similar to the dark hose. The tube is clear and gauge of non-toxic plastic.
  • Thunder Pro Hose. It is 78 inches long and made of soft vinyl. The gauge is covered with a beautiful fabric adding to its grip and beauty.
  • Thunder Slim Hose. It is slimmer than the others with a stylish finish giving smokers a luxurious smoking session.
  • Thunder Stylus. It is a brand new introduction by Thunder Hookah. As the name suggests, it is chic and lush. It is here to set a new trend of hookah smoking.

If you are someone who doesn't care about the look of the hose, go for Thunder Hookah Dark Hose. It is basic but functions way better than any other branded washable hose. Durable, flexible, functional; it got everything right for a gripping group session. Try it now!

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