Perfect Hookah Flavors For Summer

Perfect Hookah Flavors for Summer Season


Summer is upon us! And once the season of fun arrives, so do the summer activities with it. What normally ensues in the summer season is barbecues, dipping in the pools, or relaxing and enjoying your hookah, made with summer flavors, which should be your only way to spend summer days. 

You can spend some lazy afternoons in a hookah lounge near you or just go to a hookah store and buy yourself one. The ideal summer day would be to lay down in a shade and enjoy your hookah flavors, while you slow down from all of the summer shenanigans.

The only thing stopping you from doing all this is the knowledge of the hookah summer flavors and find out which are the hookah flavors that can refresh you for the rest of the day. You do not have to worry about sorting out anything, we got you covered as always about everything hookah-related, and this time we will be choosing hookah flavors for you.

Check all of them out and let us know which one is your favorite.

What screams summer more than watermelon? 

Let us tell you that if you have been sleeping on this hookah flavor all summer, then wake up, and taste the watermelon hookah flavor and it will blow your mind. You do not need to thump test this hookah flavor because these candied watermelons will burst with bright summer flavors all day and night long and ZAHRAH Hookah USA has a lot of summer flavors that will keep you stacked for the entire season. 

This hookah flavor will be your new sweet summer sensation and keep you coming back for more. You can also try a new twist of watermelon and that would be the watermelon mint hookah tobacco that would give you that extra burst of refreshment to keep you cool on the hot summer days. 

Watermelon hookah flavor gives you a lot of pairing options and it would go well with tropical and fruity hookah tobacco flavors.

Strawberries and summer wine

Strawberry is definitely a go-to hookah flavor for everyone and it is obviously a classic hookah flavor, but it is also a summer flavor as well. The strawberry flavor becomes a perfect summer refreshment and ultimately becomes an all-time popular summer flavor. 

You can also pair it with other fruity-based hookah flavors to give it that punch-like flavor that you are looking for in the summers. 

Lemon with mint

This is the best use of lemon if there was ever one and it brings joy to all hookah smokers out there. The lemon with mint hookah flavor is a successful combination in other things as well, but a refreshing one and that is why it makes our summer hookah flavor list.

You get a cool refreshing sensation when you smoke it and it will keep you cool and relaxed on hot summer days. It is best smoked with the Egyptian Hookah or a Persian Hookah. People who love the citrusy hookah tobacco would fall in love with it.

Double Apple

Another classic hookah flavor and something that can be smoked all year round, but the double apple flavor is the king of hookah flavors and can be mixed with mint or other berry flavors to make it a summer sensation.

The double apple flavor has been around for quite some time now and it has been loved by hookah smokers for a good reason because it gives you that extra juicy apple flavor if you are looking for an intense hookah flavor experience then try the brand Fantasia which is a highly reputed shisha producer which includes extra juice in their hookah tobacco.

Blueberry Ice  

Blueberry Ice shisha is like biting into a juicy, freshly picked blueberry, and that is bound to give you a nice feeling in the summer season. Punctuated with chilly and mint hookah tobacco, this hookah flavor is going to give you the icy sensation that you crave in the summer season.

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