Essential Hookah Accessories

Essential Hookah Accessories


With so many hookah accessories in the market, it is very hard to know or determine what you need, and what you should buy to level up your hookah game. 

We got you covered at ZAHRAH hookah USA, and we have compiled a list that will certainly help you stock up on basic hookah accessories to help you optimize your hookah experience. The list will include the best hookah brands, best hookah flavors, best hookah coals, and many more hookah assortments to enhance your hookah smoking times.

Bowls you need to use for your hookahs?

Bowls can also be referred to as shisha bowls, hookah bowls, or just shisha or hookah heads. This hookah accessory is without a question the most important of them all, and your hookah set is not complete without one, and at Zahrah hookah USA there are a variety of hookah bowls available to choose from. 

The phunnel bowl is new to the market and has a modern touch and variation on the hookah bowl. We have a large variety of phunnel bowls at our hookah store, where we have the likes of Starbuzz SB 1 Phunnel Clay Bowl which is made of compressed clay and is extremely thick. There is the Starbuzz Phunnel Bowl which is a silicone-based phunnel bowl and is guaranteed not to melt or peel under normal wear. 

Zahrah hookah USA has kept itself abreast with the new changes in the industries and has pottery, silicon, ceramic, and stone clays at our hookah store. 

Zahrah hookah USA has its own line of hookah bowls, which you should have a look at, as we have Zahrah Thresher Bowl, Zahrah Cricket Bowl, Zahrah Maple Bowl, Zahrah Dragon Bowl, and many more to choose from. 

You can’t have a complete hookah set without a hookah hose

There are plenty of hookah hoses in the market, and it can be really hard to choose the right one for your hookah needs. Again, we have the right products at our hookah store which will help you narrow down a suitable hookah hose.

If you are a one-time buyer and if you are looking for durability then you should go for the Wookah Hookah leather hose, which is a silicone hose coated with natural leather. 

But if you want the opposite of that, and want several disposable hookah hoses in different colors then you should go for Zahrah Lounge Disposable Hoses which are premium hoses that come in an assorted pack that includes 5 colorful disposable hoses. 

The colors range from clear, black, yellow, green, and blue. There are also washable hookah hoses and there is a variety of them that you can choose from. For your convenience, we will list a few here, Zahra Egyptian Hose, Glass Tip Silicon Washable Hookah Hose, Zahrah french Tip Hose

Let’s talk about HMD (Heat Management Device)

HMD is here to help us manage the heat on the hookah bowl so the shisha can burn evenly. 

Zahrah hookah USA has the perfect HMDs for your hookahs, and the best one out there is The Kaloud Lotus II. It makes the clouds produced by the shisha smoother, cleaner, tastier, longer-lasting, and significantly less harmful.

If you are looking for specific HMDs then we have a wide range of them at our hookah store. For example, if you have an Apple on Top bowl then we have The Apple On Top Provost specifically for your hookah bowl.

Favorite hookah mouth tips

At Zahrah hookah USA, you will find a wide range of hookah accessories, and when it comes to hookah mouth tips we have all sorts of mouth tips that can enhance your hookah smoking sessions. 

We have Multi-Color Jumbo Hookah Mouth Tips, Lolli-Tip Candy Hookah Mouth Tips with 12 different flavors available that enhances your hookah flavor, multi-color Vacuum Hookah Mouth Tips, Zahrah Mouth Tips, and everyone’s favorite and one of our latest hookah products, the 3D Mouth tips, which comes in many different styles featuring some of your favorite cartoon and anime characters as well as certain bits of human anatomy!

Why shop at our online Hookah store

Zahrah hookah USA offers the best hookahs in all of Stanton, California as you get to buy top shisha flavors from all types of hookahs, ranging from Russian hookahs, Egyptian hookahs, and Modern Hookahs, Classic Hookahs, Glass Hookahs, Portable Hookahs, and hookah sets. We have everything hookah-related under the sun and not to mention a vast amount of hookah accessories.

There are plenty of hookah flavor brands at Zahrah hookah USA and to name a few that we have onboard are Adyala, Afzal Tobacco, Al Fakher Shisha, Chaos Tobacco, Element Tobacco, Eternal Smoke Shisha, Fantasia Shisha, Fumari Shisha, Haze Shisha, Nakhla Shisha, Nirvana Shisha, Mazaya Shisha.

You can find all these hookah brands, hookah accessories, and all types of best hookahs at Zahra Hookah USA. Along with the best hookah brands, and hookah flavors; we also offer premium quality Hookah Charcoal Burners.

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